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Pathways-Pretoria is presenting a three day workshop from 26-28 October.

This three day workshop will focus on making a difference to learners with special needs. Training aspects include: Focus time (circle time/morning ring), behaviour management, planning of an inclusive day programme, addressing sensory issues in the classroom,functional literacy and - numeracy, a life-skill curriculum and gearing young adults towards a meaningful work programme.

Please download the details and invitation form.

Pathways' Toolbox List and Pricing 2016

Pathways Projects

Pathways Recycling Project: Pathways has started a couple of small, but exiting projects with regards to recycling and we would like to ask for your involvement to make these sustainable. This is a project that with a little effort we could make a big difference .... [Read more]

Pathways-Pretoria is a non-profit organisation, initiated in August 2002 and co-founded by parents in their quest to find school accommodation for children with various disabilities. These parents found themselves frustrated with the lack of available information, assistance, services as well as a lack of appropriate facilities to cater for their children’s special needs.  It was almost impossible to find a facility that was providing intensive one-on-one stimulation that was catering for the current needs of these children, as well as providing for their future needs and assisting them in becoming contributing members of society.

Currently the centre serves a total of a 110 learners, 70 children aged 3 – 15 and 40 young adults with varied needs. A staff of 2 principals, 13 teachers and 45 assistants provide services to these children.  The centre has also employed three young adults with intellectual disabilities in the form of an administrative assistant and facilitators.

We provide services to children with one or more of the following conditions:

  • Severe mental and physical disabilities
  • Speech impairments
  • Blindness and visual impairments
  • Hearing impairments
  • Autism

Around 50% of our children have dual disabilities (e.g. autism and visual impairment) and 80% have no functional speech. 

At present there are 6 established Pathways branches in South Africa – Pretoria, Durban, Polokwane, Roodepoort, Brits, Bethlehem and Pathways-Naboomspruit of which Pathways-Pretoria serves the most children.  All off these branches function independently but with strong, shared core values, passion and program goals. 


Pathways-Pretoria consists of 4 different entities

  • Pathways-Pretoria Centre (children 18 months to 16 years)
  • Pathways-Studio (young adults and young adults 17 years and older)
  • Pathways Outreach (initiating and supporting various programs to empower Black children and woman)
  • Pathways Training (training for approximately 300 individuals annually  including parents, facilitators, teachers and therapists)


The management, marketing and program coordination of Pathways-Pretoria are mainly the responsibility of the two principals, Tammy Greyling and Danita Nel.  The school is served by and active and School / Studio Board who meets monthly to ensure the success of the organisation.